Restructured Ant Colony Optimization Routing Protocol for Next Generation Network

  • B. Chandramohan Anna University


Wireless network is a major research domain in the past few decades. Wireless network evolves in many forms like cellular communication, ad hoc network, vehicular network, mesh network and sensor network. Next generation network is a recent cellular communication which provides heterogeneous connectivity on cellular communication. The routing in next generation wireless networks is an important research issue which requires many constraints than wired networks. Hence, Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is applied in this paper for routing in heterogeneous next generation wireless network. The ACO is a swarm intelligence technique which applied for many engineering applications. ACO is an optimal technique for routing and travelling salesman problem. This paper proposed Restructured ACO which contains additional data structures for reducing packet loss and latency. Therefore, the proposed RACO provides higher throughput.


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Wireless Network, Next Generation Network, Routing, Swarm Intelligence, Ant Colony Optimization