Modeling and Simulation of Genetic Fuzzy Controller for L-type ZCS Quasi-Resonant Converter

  • Mani Ranjani sathyabama university
  • Palzha Murugesan college,anna university


A new method of speed control of DC drives using series Quasi-Resonant (QR) Zero current switching (ZCS)DC to DC converters is proposed.  .It employs a Fuzzy logic controller (FLC) in feed back loop conventionally but due to the advent of new intelligent techniques the FLC are optimized by Genetic algorithm (GA). In this paper the GA optimization technique is applied for speed control of series ZCS-QRC fed drive. The main objective of this work is to obtain reduced transient response, reduced switching stresses and switching losses which in turn enhances the efficiency and commutation capability of motor

Author Biographies

Mani Ranjani, sathyabama university
Palzha Murugesan, college,anna university


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Fuzzy logic controller (FLC), Zero Current Switching Quasi-Resonant Converter (ZCS-QRC), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Integral Absolute Error (IAE),Direct Current (DC)