SDA-SM: An Efficient Secure Data Aggregation Scheme using Separate MAC across Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Mohamed Elshrkawey
  • Hassan Al-Mahdi Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Al Quryyat, Al Jouf University, Saudi Arabia


Securing the aggregated data of the wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is a vital issue to minimize energy consumption and face potential attacks. This paper presents a novel end to end encryption scheme defined as Aggregating Secure Data -Separate MAC (SDA-SM). The importance of the SDA-SM is twofold. First, it separates the secured aggregated data and the message authentication codes (MAC) into two different packets. Second, it transmits these packets in a random separate time-slot according to the scheduling of the TDMA. Moreover, the TDMA applied in the LEACH protocol is modified to adequate to the proposed SDA-SM scheme. The SDA-SM uses MACs to verify the integrity of the aggregated data and uses a sensor protected identifier to authenticate the source of data. The simulation results of the experiments assure the SDA-SM objectives can be achieved with less computation of the communication overheads than earlier techniques. Besides, SDA-SM will be able to accomplish the integrity and confidentiality of accurate aggregated data while saving the energy to prolong the network lifetime.


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