Model of Network Topic Detection Based on Web Usage Behaviour Mode Analysis and Mining Technology

  • Mo Chen


This research has caught researchers’ wide attention for detecting network topic exactly with the arrival of big data era characterized by semi-structured or unstructured text. This paper proposes a model of network topic detection based on web usage behaviour mode analysis and mining technology taking Web news as object of research. The author elaborates main function and method proposed in this model, which include the analysis module of Web news instance clicking mode, the analysis module of Web news instance retrieval mode, the analysis module of Web news instance seed and the analysis module of similar Web news instance supporting topics. Based on these functions and methods, the author elaborates main algorithm proposed in this model, which include the mining algorithm of Web news seed instances and the mining algorithm of similar Web news instances supporting topics. These functional algorithms have been applied in processing module of model, and focus on how to detect network topic efficiently from a large number of web usage behaviour towards to Web news instances, in order to explore a research method for network topic detection. The process of experimental analysis includes three steps, firstly, the author analyses the precision of topic detection under different method, secondly, the author completes the impact analysis of Web news topic detection quality from the number of Web news instances concerned and seed threshold, finally, the author completes the quality impact analysis of Web news instances mined supporting topic from the number of Web news instances concerned and probability threshold. The results of experimental analysis show the feasibility, validity and superiority of model design and play an important role in constructing topic-focused Web news corpus so as to provide a real-time data source for topic evolution tracking.


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web usage behaviour, network topic detection, clicking mode analysis, retrieval mode analysis