Implementing Web Services Using Java Technology

  • Mironela Pirnau “Titu Maiorescu” University Bucharest Romania, 22 Dambovnicului Street, District 4, 040051, Bucharest, Romania


There are several essential activities that need to take place in any service-oriented environment such as: a Web service has to be created, to have its interfaces and invocation methods defined, its service has to be published to one or more intranet or Internet repositories to locate potential users. A Web service needs to be located in order to invoke potential different users. The technologies offered by Web Services enable us to cast older applications, we can use them and the packages already existing in a certain enterprise. The infrastructure associated with older applications can also be wrapped as a serial set of services. In the following pages I tried to present general characteristics of the Web services up to present, as well as the usage of Java technologies for the implementation of web services. The present paper targets a systematisation of the main web services, as well as highlighting and testing the most important technologies used to develop them.


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Web Service, Java, XML, SOAP and Semantic Web