Environmental Policy and Science Management: Using a Scientometric-specific GIS for E-learning Purposes

  • Nikolaos D. Hasanagas Kavala Institute of Technology, Department of Landscape Architecture City of Drama, Greece, GR 66100
  • Ahanasios D. Styliadis Kavala Institute of Technology, Department of Landscape Architecture City of Drama, Greece, GR 66100
  • Eleni I. Papadopoulou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Agricultural Science Department of Agricultural Economics, City of Thessaloniki, GR 54124


Who is the "good scientist" in rural-environmental policy? This is not so self-evident as in the case of private high-tech industry. Developing e-learning system in environmental science management is a challenging task in the area of forest and general rural development policy. Who determines the most "important" scientific information and who controls it? There are algorithms for measuring centrality in information networks. The concepts of closeness and betweenness centrality are used as basic metadata for categorizing the communication type in the rural-environmental policy networks. This paper discusses the development of a GIS-based model which includes region-based scientometrics, regarding policy field communication.


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region-based scientometrics, GIS e-Learning, forest policy, integrated rural development policy, environmental policy, complete network analysis, policy making.