Fuzzy b-Metric Spaces

  • Sorin Nădăban Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Elena Drăgoi 2, RO-310330 Arad, Romania


Metric spaces and their various generalizations occur frequently in computer science applications. This is the reason why, in this paper, we introduced and studied the concept of fuzzy b-metric space, generalizing, in this way, both the notion of fuzzy metric space introduced by I. Kramosil and J. Michálek and the concept of b-metric space. On the other hand, we introduced the concept of fuzzy quasi-bmetric space, extending the notion of fuzzy quasi metric space recently introduced by V. Gregori and S. Romaguera. Finally, a decomposition theorem for a fuzzy quasipseudo- b-metric into an ascending family of quasi-pseudo-b-metrics is established. The use of fuzzy b-metric spaces and fuzzy quasi-b-metric spaces in the study of denotational semantics and their applications in control theory will be an important next step.


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Fuzzy b-metric spaces, fuzzy quasi-b-metric, fuzzy quasi-pseudo-bmetric, b-metric space