Robust PID Decentralized Controller Design Using LMI

  • Danica Rosinová Slovak University of Technology Institute for Control and Industrial Informatics Ilkoviˇcova 3 81219 Bratislava , Slovakia
  • Vojtech Veselý Slovak University of Technology Institute for Control and Industrial Informatics Ilkoviˇcova 3 81219 Bratislava , Slovakia


The new LMI based method for robust stability analysis for linear uncertain system with PID controller is proposed. The general constrained structure of controller matrix is considered appropriate for both output feedback and decentralized control and the respective guaranteed cost control design scheme is presented. The sufficient robust stability condition is developed for extended quadratic performance index including first derivative of the state vector to damp oscillations. The obtained stability condition is formulated for parameter-dependent Lyapunov function.


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Uncertain systems, Robust stability, Decentralized control, Linear matrix inequalities (LMI), Lyapunov function