From Algorithms to (Sub-)Symbolic Inferences in Multi-Agent Systems

  • Boldur E. Bărbat “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu Faculty of Science Address: 5-7, Ion Ra¸tiu Street, Sibiu, 550012, România
  • Sorin C. Negulescu “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu Faculty of Engineering Address: 4, Emil Cioran Street, Sibiu, 550025, România


Extending metaphorically the Moisilean idea of “nuanced-reasoning logic” and adapting it to the e-world age of Information Technology (IT), the paper aims at showing that new logics, already useful in modern software engineering, become necessary mainly for Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), despite obvious adversities. The first sections are typical for a position paper, defending such logics from an anthropocentric perspective. Through this sieve, Section 4 outlines the features asked for by the paradigm of computing as intelligent interaction, based on “nuances of nuanced-reasoning”, that should be reflected by agent logics. To keep the approach credible, Section 5 illustrates how quantifiable synergy can be reached - even in advanced challenging domains, such as stigmergic coordination - by injecting symbolic reasoning in systems based on sub-symbolic “emergent synthesis”. Since for future work too the preferred logics are doxastic, the conclusions could be structured in line with the well-known agent architecture: Beliefs, Desires, Intentions.


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Nuanced-reasoning logic, Multi-Agent Systems, Sub-symbolic inferences, Stigmergic coordination, Synergy