Symbolic Computations based on Grid Services

  • Dana Petcu Institute e-Austria Timi¸soara and Western University of Timi¸soara Computer Science Department Address: B-dul Vasile Pârvan 4, 300223 Timisoara, Romania
  • Cosmin Bonchiș Institute e-Austria Timi¸soara, and Vasile Goldi¸s University of Arad Computer Science Department
  • Cornel Izbașa Institute e-Austria Timi¸soara, and Western University of Timi¸soara Computer Science Department


The widespread adoption of the current Grid technologies is still impeded by a number of problems, one of which is difficulty of developing and implementing Grid-enabled applications. In another dimension, symbolic computation, aiming to automatize the steps of mathematical problem solving, has become in the last years a basis for advanced applications in many areas of computer science. In this context we have recently analyzed and developed grid-extensions of known tools for symbolic computations. We further present in this paper a case study of a Web service-based Grid application for symbolic computations.


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Grid computing, Web services, Mathematical software