Meta-Rationality in Normal Form Games

  • Dan Dumitru Dumitrescu “Babes Bolyai” University Romania, Cluj-Napoca, St. Universitatii 5,
  • Rodica Ioana Lung “Babes Bolyai” University Romania, Cluj-Napoca, St. Universitatii 5,
  • Tudor Dan Mihoc Dan Dumitru Dumitrescu, Rodica Ioana Lung, “Babes Bolyai” University Romania, Cluj-Napoca, St. Universitatii 5,


A new generative relation for Nash equilibrium is proposed. Different types of equilibria are considered in order to incorporate players different rationality types for finite non cooperative generalized games with perfect information. Proposed equilibria are characterized by use of several generative relations with respect to players rationality. An evolutionary technique for detecting approximations for equilibria is used. Numerical experiments show the potential of the method.


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DUMITRESCU, Dan Dumitru; LUNG, Rodica Ioana; MIHOC, Tudor Dan. Meta-Rationality in Normal Form Games. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS COMMUNICATIONS & CONTROL, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 5, p. 693-700, dec. 2010. ISSN 1841-9844. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 30 nov. 2021.


non-cooperative games, evolutionary equilibrium detection, generative relations, Nash-Pareto, meta-strategy