Digital Control of a Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Ramón Vilanova Department de Telecomunicació i Enginyeria de Sistemes Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 08193, Bellaterra, Spain
  • José David Rojas Department de Telecomunicació i Enginyeria de Sistemes Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 08193, Bellaterra, Spain
  • Víctor M. Alfaro Escuela de Ingeniería Eléctrica Universidad de Costa Rica San José, 11501-2060 Costa Rica.


The Activated Sludge Process (ASP) is arguably the most popular bioprocess utilized in the treatment of polluted water. The ASP is described by means of a nonlinear model and results on a Two-Input Two-Output multivariable system. In this paper a discrete time digital control is proposed where the design of a decentralized controller is faced. Local controllers are given the form of a Two-Degree-of-Freedom PI controller tuned using the data-driven Virtual-Reference Feedback tuning approach.


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ASP, Process Control, PID, Data-Driven Control, VRFT