A Taboo Search Optimization of the Control Law of Nonlinear Systems with Bounded Uncertainties

  • Amira Gharbi
  • Mohamed Benrejeb
  • Pierre Borne


The aim of this paper is to propose a method to determine among the eligible controls of a nonlinear system, with bounded perturbations, the one which minimizes the final error. The approach is based on the implementation of aggregation techniques using vector norms in order to determine a comparison system used to calculate an attractor in view of its minimization by implementation of metaheuristics.

Author Biographies

Amira Gharbi
Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de TunisEcole Centrale de Lille
Pierre Borne
Ecole Centrale de Lille


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Attractor, aggregation technique, vector norm, optimization, Taboo search. \end{abstract}