Journal History

Agora International Journal of Juridical Sciences appears in two issues per year since 2010 and in 2007-2009 appeared in a single number per year.

The journal history

The journal was founded in 2007 through a project approved by the National Agency for Scientific Research (NASR), with the object a yearly conference, organized by the Law Chair inside the Faculty of Law and Economics. Due to that:

- in 2007 was organized the conference: ”The juridical regime of the juvenile delinquency and the evolution tendencies in the contemporary society”. Thus, appeared no. 1/2007 of the journal, published by the AGORA University Publishing House, having 41 papers and 284 pages.

- in 2008 there was the conference : ”Crime in affairs” and appeared no. 2/2008 of the journal, published by the AGORA University Publishing House, with 42 articles and 332 pages;

- in 2009 there was the conference: ”European language of the legal liability”. Thus appeared
no. 1/2009 of the journal, with 45 articles, published at the same publishing house;

- starting with 2010 the journal appears twice a year. This decision was taken by the Editorial Board due to the huge number of papers received, as well as to the increasing number of papers transmitted to be delivered during the annual conferences that our University is organizing.

The evolution of the quality stadards: Since the very begining the team that is envolved in editing the journal wanted to have a greater visibility, national and international. That is why they realized a web site since the beginning - (2007), that is upgraded and contains: general information, the Editorial Board, the issues published, the necessary conditions to publish, the articles published in every issue (with abstracts, keywords, introduction, conclusions, bibliography). The journal is published only in English language, thus being accessed by numerous peoples from the whole world.

With each issues we want to increase the scientific quality, aiming to deliver an increased interest for the readers and also to be make the articles easy to understand for the public, asking the authors to use a clear language.

Our intention is to have diversified articles, inter-disciplinary themes that follow the general topic of the journal as well as offering the opportunity to Romanian and abroad authors to send their papers all year round.

In this way, the role of our journal in the national scientific community:

- through print and on-line format the interested persons have articles on various themes, elaborated by experts from Romania and abroad;

- offer the possibility to publish the results of the researches achieved both on a given topic and individual researches;

- provide to those interested a rich bibliographic material required to achieved certain researches;

- brings to readers attention current issues and of a great importance for the academics and civil society;

- presents practical cases that have relevancy in the juridical area at a certain moment;

- contributes to enrich the juridical literature in our country.