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IJCCC and Fuzzy Sets

Written on Oct. 22, 2014.

IJCCC and Fuzzy Sets

Dear Professor Zadeh,
As you know, in 2011 was published a special issue of our journal  IJCCC, dedicated to your 90th birthday:
The published works in this issue have a good impact. Thank you very much for Foreword written for this issue and we are very honored because you are in  our Editorial Board:
Prof. Filip, Prof. Balas and myself,
we intend to publish also a special issue, No.5/2015,
dedicated to anniversary of 50 years from start of  fuzzy theory  by your pioneer-paper ( Fuzzy Sets, 1965).
With my warm regards,

Ioan Dzitac


Statistics from  [ 2013 Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition ( Thomson Reuters, 2014), ISI Web of Science], despre International Journal of Computers Communications & Control (IJCCC, founders I. Dzitac, F.G. Filip și M.J. Manolescu, 2006):

  • IJCCC in ”Automation & Control Systems” category: 46 international position by impact factor,
  • IJCCC in ”Computer Science, Information Systems” : 96 international position by impact factor,
  • IJCCC in list of the 45 Romanian ISI covered journals: 15  national position and first position in Computer Science/IT category.

In IJCCC was published some papers authored by famous scientists, as:

·       Lotfi A. Zadeh, University of California- Berkley (over 137.000 citation in Google Scholar);

·       Ronald R. Yager, Iona College;

·       J. Edward Russo, Cornell University;

·       Shimon Y. Nof, Purdue University;

·       Dov Dori, Israel Institute of Technology & Massachusetts Institute of Technology;

·       H.J. Zimmerman, Aachen Institute of Technology;

·       M.Z. Reformat, University of Alberta,

·       Hani Hagras, University of Essex,

·       Kaoru Hirota, Tokyo Institute of Technology,

·       G. Paun & M. J. Perez-Jimenez, University of Sevilla  and many others.

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