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Celebrating 92th birthday of Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh

Written on Feb. 3, 2013.

Celebrating 92th birthday of  Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh

Celebrating 92th birthday of  Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh

"The question really isn't whether I'm American, Russian, Iranian, Azerbaijani, or anything else. I've been shaped by all these people and cultures and I feel quite comfortable among all of them.” (Lotfi A. Zadeh, [6])

 Lotfi A. Zadeh, born on February 4, 1921, is a famous mathematician, electrical engineer, computer scientist, and a emeritus professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, United State of America [7-10].

He is father of fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic and computing with words. His paper entitled “Fuzzy sets” (1965) is cited over 39,000 time in many prestigious journals. All papers published by Lotfi A. Zadeh is cited more than 105,000 time [8].

Prof. Zadeh  is Director of BISC since 1991 to present.

Recent papers authored by Lotfi a. Zadeh, indexed in ISI Web of Science, are:

  • A Note on Z-numbers, Information Sciences, 181(14): 2923-293, 2011.
  • Foreword of Special Issue on Fuzzy Sets and Systems Dedicated to the 90th Birthday of Prof. Lotfi A-Zadeh,  INT J COMPUT COMMUN, 6(3):385-386, 2011.
  • Outline of a Restriction-Centered Theory of Reasoning and Computation in an Environment of Uncertainty and Imprecision, 2012 IEEE 13TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION REUSE AND INTEGRATION (IRI),  Pages: XXI-XXII, 2012.

Agora University collaboration with professor Zadeh has been started in 2008, within occasion of Exploratory Workshop  From Natural Language to Soft Computing: New Paradigms in Artificial Intelligence, and will be extended in future also [1-5].

Dear Professor Zadeh,

Celebrating the 92th birthday, we wish you a good health, long life, and new interesting achievements!

A Happy Birthday!

Prof. Ioan Dzitac, Rector of Agora University of Oradea













ICCCC 2014

Written on Jan. 8, 2013.

ICCCC 2014

5th International Conference on Computers Communications and Control,

ICCCC 2014

Băile Felix, Oradea, România, May 7-9, 2014

Previous editions:

Scope and Topics

The International Conference on Computers Communications and Control (ICCCC) has been founded in 2006 by I. Dziţac, F.G. Filip and M.-J. Manolescu and  organized every even year by Agora University of Oradea, under the aegis of the Information Science and Technology Section of Romanian Academy  and IEEE - Romania Section.

The goal of this conference is to bring together international researchers, scientists in academia and industry to present and discuss their latest research findings on a broad array of topics in computer networking and control. 

The Program Committee is soliciting paper describing original, previously unpublished, completed research, not currently under review by another conference or journal, addressing state-of-the-art research and development in all areas related to computer networking and control. In particular, but not limited, the following topics are expected to be addressed by authors:

  • Integrated solutions in computer-based control and communications;
  • Computational intelligence methods (with particular emphasis on fuzzy logic-based methods, ANN, evolutionary computing, collective/swarm intelligence);
  • Advanced decision support systems (with particular emphasis on the usage of combined solvers and/or web technologies).

We extend a warm invitation to all interested in the related topics to submit papers and to participate in a hopefully successful event.

Selected papers presented at ICCCC 2014 will be published in INT J COMPUT COMMUN, ISSN 1841-9836 (ISI WoS/WoK).   

Conference Committee

  • Honorary Chair: Lotfi A. ZADEH
  • Program Chair: Florin Gheorghe FILIP
  • Conference Chair: Misu-Jan MANOLESCU
  • Organizing Chair: Ioan DZITAC
  • Tutorial and Special Sessions Chair: Razvan ANDONIE and Florin Gheorghe FILIP
  • Publications and Proceedings Chair: Valentina BALAS and Ioan DZITAC
  • General Chair: Ioan DZITAC (

Paper submission via  EasyChair

Academic Jobs

Written on Jan. 6, 2013.

Vacancies position at Agora University

published in the Romanian Official Gazette, part III, No. 455/21.12.2012 PDF (68,2 KO)

Law and Economics Faculty Social Sciences Department

1. Lecturer, position 20,

Subjects: Econometrics, Economic and Financial Analysis, Financial audit, Companies Finances

2. Associate Professor, position 7,

Subjects: Informatics, Database in Economy.

3. Associate Professor, position 8, 

Subjects: Criminal Law, General Part I; Criminal Law, General Part II

4. Associate Professor, position 9, 

Subjects: Constitutional Law and Public Institution I, Constitutional Law and Public Policies II, International Protection of Human Rights

5. Associate Professor, position 10, 

Subjects: International Public Law, International Private Law. 6. Associate Professor, position 11, Subjects: Public Policies, Economics Simulations and Projects 


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