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MoU: Agora University, Romania - Kalasalingam University, India

Written on Oct. 19, 2013.

MoU: Agora University, Romania - Kalasalingam University, India






Agora University of Oradea and Kalasalingam University, wishing to enhance relations between the two universities and develop academic exchange in the area of education and research have agreed upon the following programs based on principles of equality and reciprocity of mutual benefits.

Article 1: Exchange of Faculty Members

1.      Both Universities may receive faculty members of the other institution to give lectures, to engage in joint research, and/or for the exchange of views to further these objectives. The procedures and other details involved in such exchange shall be subject to a mutual agreement.

Article 2: Exchange of Students

2.      Under the present scheme for non-degree awarding student exchange, both universities will exchange students for academic study and/or research internship. Exchange students are required to be regular students registered in either an undergraduate or graduate program in their Home University.

3.      The total number of exchange students shall be determined by mutual consent. However, the number may be adjusted to achieve a balanced exchange over the term of this agreement.

4.      The Home University will be responsible for screening and selecting the students for this program, subject to acceptance by the Host University. Students must be proficient in English at least and/or in the language of instruction at the Host University to qualify for nomination.

Before the start of each exchange, both Universities recommend that their students contact the Professors of the other University to discuss research topics in detail.  The students should submit the name of their major advisor to both Universities.

5.      Kalasalingam University may offer Romanian language courses for students.

6.      Exchange students may transfer credits to their Home University for courses taken at the Host University. Exchange students shall register for a full course load.

7.      Exchange students will pay tuition fee to their Home University only. Both Universities will make a reasonable effort to assist exchange students in obtaining accommodations. Participating exchange students shall be responsible for housing, travel, medical insurance, and subsistence costs.

Article 3: Joint Research

8.      Both Universities will pay attention to joint research projects. The details of specific research projects and the form of cooperation associated therewith, including creation of an eventual international joint research laboratory, will be determined by mutual agreement and concluded by a separate memorandum of understanding.

9.      Both Universities will consider holding joint conferences. The details of specific conferences will be determined by mutual consent between the two Universities.

Article 4: Administrative Co-coordinators

10.  Both Universities agree to appoint an overall Administrative Co-coordinator for the administration of this agreement. The co-coordinator will serve as the contact person on campus, being responsible for ensuring that necessary approvals are in place, and overseeing the general welfare of the exchange students and arrangements associated with visits.

This agreement will be effective from the date of signature and shall remain in effect for an initial period of five years. Thereafter, it shall be automatically renewed for successive five-year periods, unless either University terminates this agreement at any time by mutual consent or by giving six months advanced notice in written form to the other.

On behalf of                                                                                                  On behalf of

Agora University of Oradea                                                              Kalasalingam University

Rector                                                                                                             Chancellor

Dr. Ioan Dzitac                                                                                          Mr. K.Sridharan

Dated:   17.10.2013

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