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Indonesia Outlook: an update from the region

Written on Dec. 11, 2019.

Indonesia Outlook: an update from the region

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Romania and the Republic of Moldova

H.E. Mr. Muhammad Amhar Azeth

Invited Lecture for Agora University’s students:

“Indonesia Outlook: an update from the region”

Place of event: Agora University Campus, Blue Aula

Date: December 18, 2019, Hours: 16:00-17:30


  • Misu-Jan Manolescu, President of Agora University
  • Ioan Dzitac, Rector of Agora University

Poster: PDF

Welcome: PDF

Computer scientists from Indonesia with papers published in  International Journal of Computers Communications & Control (edited by Agora University):  IJCCC

IJCCC: 1000 papers indexed in ISI Web of Science

Written on Nov. 26, 2019.

IJCCC: 1000 papers indexed in ISI Web of Science

International Journal of Computers Communications & Control (IJCCC)

Year of foundation: 2006 (Publisher: Agora University)
Founders: Ioan DZITAC, Florin Gheorghe FILIP, Misu-Jan MANOLESCU
Number of volumes published: 14
Rate of acceptance: 9%
Number of papers indexed in ISI Web of Science: 1000

Impact factor in JCR2018 / ISI = 1,585 (expectation for JCR2019> 2)
Score citations in Scopus: 1.56 (expectation for 2019> 2)
Place in the Automation & Control Systems category: 38
Place in the category Computer Science, Information Systems: 108

Place in the Computer Science category: 1
Place in the Automation & Control Systems category: 1
Place in the category Computer Science, Information Systems: 1

Rector’s Welcome Word

Written on Sept. 26, 2019.

Rector’s  Welcome Word

"Access to Success!" (Motto UAO)

"The management team of Agora University of Oradea assumes transparency as an essential component of quality." (Mission assumed by the rector and his team)
Agora University of Oradea is a higher education institution of private law and public utility, founded in 2000 by Agora Foundation,  accredited by ARACIS in 2010 and  validated by the Romanian Parliament by Law 59/2012, as a part of national system of higher education in Romania.  In 2018 Agora University has been re-accredited by ARACIS within confidence grade.

On 24.04.2012 I was elected rector by all teachers and students of the Agora University of Oradea, the legislature from 2012 to 2016, and in 2016  I was re-elected for the mandate 2016-2020.

Rector legally represents the  Agora University of Oradea (UAO) in the National Council of Rectors in relations with the Ministry of National Education and its subordinate entities or advisory (ARACIS, CNATDCU, UEFISCDI etc.), with central and local government, educational institutions and national research and abroad, with domestic and international public bodies.

Although young and small, with two faculties only (Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law and Administration), Agora University  of Oradea is extremely dynamic and active. Instead of a quantitative prefer qualitative development.  UAO  has four bachelor accredited programs: Law (4 years), Local Police (3 years), Management (3 years) and Accounting and Management Information Systems (3 years), as well as three accredited masters programs: Criminal and Forensic Sciences (1 year), Applied Forensic Research (2 years) and Human Resources Management (2 years).

Without false modesty, Agora University of Oradea have some performance difficult to achieve even some old and larger academic institutions: 5 research centers (two international), a publishing house editing 5 international scientific journals in English language (one of which is indexed in ISI Web of Science), 5 international conferences in English, a computer laboratory, a forensic laboratory, three rooms with smart boards for videoconferencing courses, three lecture halls with over 100 seats, platform for e- functional learning, and 10 POS-DRU successfully  projects.

UAO was characterized by EUA-IEP team (2014) as "an entrepreneurial university":

EUA-IEP Team about UAO ( PDF): "The team has enjoyed learning about the characteristics of Agora University and its role as an entrepreneurial providerof higher education in the fields of law, management and social science. It has been an interesting experience to discuss with staff, students, and external stakeholders the challenges faced by UAO and the university’s efforts to address constraints and to explore future opportunities. We believe the university has the potential to take successful steps in its next stage of development."

In the period 2012-2018,  the Agora University  of Oradea has performed a lot of international agreements with many universities from Europe, India and China. Starting the 2019-2020  academic year we intend to extend the internationalization and milestones of a smart university in  a new world (with the digitization, digital transformation, AI, 4iR, M-learning etc.).

If you agree a higher quality education, through modern teaching technologies, in full transparency and legality, come with the  confidence to  Agora University of Oradea.

Success to  Access!

Prof. Dr. Habil. Ioan DZIȚAC,

Rector of Agora University of Oradea

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