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About The Agora University of Oradea (UAO)

"Access to Success!"  (Motto of UAO)

Agora University of Oradea, established and accredited by Law 59/2012,  identifies itself by the following elements: (From University’s  Charter 2016 (PDF):

1) Official name: Agora University; 2) Acronym: UAO; 3) Headquarter: Piața Tineretului no. 8, 410526, Oradea, Bihor, Romania; 4) Motto: Access to Success!; 5) The University’ Day: 17 March; 6) Website:; 7) Distinguished signs: the emblem (the sign in the header), the seal, the flag (the emblem of the University on white flag), ceremonial clothing: robe and toque.


Rector’s Word - 2016

"Access to Success!" (Motto UAO)

"The management team of Agora University of Oradea assumes transparency as an essential component of quality." (Mission assumed by the rector and his team)
Agora University of Oradea is a higher education institution of private law and public utility, founded in 2000 by Agora Foundation,  accredited by ARACIS in 2010 and  validated by the Romanian Parliament by Law 59/2012, as a part of national system of higher education in Romania.

On 24.04.2012 I was elected rector by all teachers and students of the University Agora, the legislature from 2012 to 2016, and in 2016  I was re-elected for the mandate 2016-2020.

Rector legally represents the University Agora of Oradea (UAO) in the National Council of Rectors in relations with the Ministry of National Education and its subordinate entities or advisory (ARACIS, CNATDCU, UEFISCDI etc.), with central and local government, educational institutions and national research and abroad, with domestic and international public bodies.

Although young and small, with two faculties (Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law and Administration), University Agora is extremely dynamic and active. Instead of a quantitative prefer qualitative development.

Without false modesty, Agora University have some performance difficult to achieve even some old and larger academic institutions: 5 research centers (two international), a publishing house editing 5 international scientific journals in English language (one of which is indexed in ISI Web of Science), 5 international conferences in English, a computer laboratory, a forensic laboratory, three rooms with smart boards for videoconferencing courses, three lecture halls with over 100 seats, platform for e- functional learning, and 10 POS-DRU successfully  projects.

If you agree a higher quality education, through modern teaching technologies, in full transparency and legality, come with the greatest confidence to University Agora.

In total transparency spirit that characterizes us, I invite you to read the document below: Rector's report about UAO 2015 (Cf. article 130 of Law 1/2011): PDF

Success to  Access!

Prof. Ioan DZIȚAC, PhD,

Rector of Agora University of Oradea


Brief History of UAO

Agora Foundation, established on 10.01.2000, decided to found a private university (the General Meeting of Founders of 17.03.2000): Universitatea Agora (Agora University).

UAO founding managers:

UAO is a young institution of higher education (2015 celebrated 15 years of its foundation), with a brief but dense history, proud to have many collaborators famous worldwide. Here are just a few of them:

Acad. D. Tufiș, Prof. I. Dzițac, Prof. L.A. Zadeh (USA), Prof. M.-J. Manolescu, Acad. F.G. Filip

Prof. Y. Shi (China), Acad. F.G. Filip, Prof. P. Zarate (France), Prof. M.-J. Manolescu, Prof. F. Aleskerov (Russia), Prof. I. Dumitrache

Prof. I. Dzițac, Acad. F.G. Filip, Prof. G. Lefranc (Chile), Prof. R. Andonie (USA), Prof. A. Manolescu, Prof. V. Olivares (Chile), Prof. C. Lagos (Chile), Prof. M.-J. Manolescu, Prof. F. Cordova (Chile)

Prof. J. Fodor (Hungary), Prof. K. Hirota (Japan), Acad. D. Tufiș, Prof. P. Filip, Prof. M.-J. Manolescu, Prof. I. Dzițac, Prof. A. Iorgulescu, Prof. A. Styliadis (Greece)

Acad. F.G. Filip, Prof. A..Jain (Costa Rica), Prof. V. Madan (India), Prof. A. Manolescu, Prof. R. Singh (India), Prof. M.-J. Manolescu, Prof. I. Dzițac, Prof. S. Karamanchandani (India)

Prof. I. Dzitac, Mr. Chancellor  K. Sridaran (India), Assoc. Prof. G. Bologa,  Prof. M. Duțu, Prof. O. Predescu, Prof. E.A. Iancu

Honorary members of the UAO's Senate (in chronological order of election)

  1. Prof. dr. Robert Joseph CHILDS,  Southeastern University, Florida, USA
  2. Prof.dr. Salvo ANDO, Università della Sicilia Centrale Kore di Enna, ITALY
  3. Prof.dr. Luca REFRIGERI, Universita Degli Studi Del Molise
  4. Prof.dr. Alfio D’URSO, Università di Catanzaro, ITALY
  5. Prof. Eva PFOSTL, Istituto San Pio V di Roma, ITALIY
  6. Prof. Sabia BUCCI, ITALY
  7. Acad. Florin Gheorghe FILIP, Romanian Academy, ROMÂNIA
  8. Prof.univ.dr. Pierre BORNE, L'Ecole Centrale de Lille, FRANCE
  9. Prof.univ.dr. George METAKIDES, University of Patras, GREECE
  10. Prof.univ.dr. Felisa CORDOVA, University of Santiago of Chile, CHILE
  11. Prof.univ.dr. Yezid DONOSO, University of the Andes, Bogotá, COLUMBIA
  12. Prof.univ.dr. Gang KOU, Southwestern Univ. of Finance and Economics, CHINA
  13. Prof.univ.dr. Yong SHI, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA & CHINA
  14. Dr. K. SRIDHARAN, Cancelar - Kalasalingam University, INDIA
  15. Ing. Gheorghe GRIGUȚA, General Director  - Coniz Romarg, ROMÂNIA
  16. Ec. George OFRIM, General Director, ARCER, ROMÂNIA

On 20.12.2010 ARACIS Council granted the University Agora qualifier "trust" and the proposed institutional accreditation, accreditation confirmed by Law no. 59 of 29.03.2012 on the establishment of the Agora University of Oradea, Bihor County:

Art. 1. - It establishes Agora University of Oradea, as a higher education institution, legal entity of private law and public utility, part of the national education system, located in Oradea, Youth Square no. 8 Bihor county, postal code 410 526.

 Art. 2. - Agora University of Oradea is set up with the following accredited faculty and specializations: Faculty of Law and Economics with specializations: Management, Accounting and Information Systems, Law, all taught in Romanian. (Law no.59/2012)

Agora University of Oradea rewards diplomas given by the National Education Ministry recognized in Romania, European Union and other countries that Romania has agreements with (MEN).

UAO was characterized by EUA-IEP team (2014) as "an entrepreneurial university":

EUA-IEP Team ( PDF): "The team has enjoyed learning about the characteristics of Agora University and its role as an entrepreneurial providerof higher education in the fields of law, management and social science. It has been an interesting experience to discuss with staff, students, and external stakeholders the challenges faced by UAO and the university’s efforts to address constraints and to explore future opportunities. We believe the university has the potential to take successful steps in its next stage of development."



U-Multirank” by „Centre for Higher Education in Gütersloh, Germany” şi “Center for Higher Education Policy Studies  at the University of Twente, the Netherlands”. [Source]

Agora University in U-Multirank


Faculties and Specializations

In 2015, in line with the recommendations of ARACIS (2010), Faculty of Law and Economics was divided into two faculties:


1. Faculty of Economic Sciences

  • Bachelor: Management & Accounting and Management Information Systems;
  • Master: Management of Human Resources


Accounting and Management Information Systems

2. Faculty of Juridical and Administration Sciences  

  • Bachelor: Law & Local police;
  • Master: Criminal and Penal Sciences, Applied Criminal Researches.


Local police


UAO's Charter

Agora University Charter (2016 PDF), prepared on the basis of Law 1/2011 - with modifications and additions in the year 2016 - and subsequent legislation, is the basic document on which will operate Agora University of Oradea in the period 2016-2020 .

In accordance with Art. 227 paragraph (3) of Law no. 1/2011, as amended and supplemented, private universities and religious structures, functions, terms of office and other considerations related to their status shall be established by the University Charter, approved by the founders and approved by the university senate.

In accordance with current legislation and the provisions of its Statute, the Board of the Foundation Agora (CA-FA) decided to set up the Board of Directors of the University Agora of Oradea (CA-UAO), in collaboration with the university senate directing the regulatory decision making body of the university; CA-UAO members appointed and assigned indefinitely as president of CA-UAO and the officer of the university president Agora Foundation. He decided also that officer to approve any decision or decision of the senate and rector, involving immediate or future financial sustainability.

UAO legal representation shall be exercised as follows:

1) Rector legally representing UAO in the National Council of Rectors in relations with the Ministry of National Education and its subordinate bodies or advisory (ARACIS,CNATDCU, UEFISCDI etc.), with central and local government, educational institutions and national research and abroad, with domestic and international public bodies.

2) President of CA-UAO is financial officer and legal representative of UAO in relations with financial institutions, banks, economic agents and approves all documents involving financial commitments from UAO.

Prof. I. Dzițac (Rector/Provost), Prof. M.-J. Manolescu (President)


Mission =  f (Vision, Values)

Agora University of Oradea adhere to the ideals and principles enshrined in the Magna Charta Universitatum (, adopted in Bologna in 1988 and acts for transposition in the space of higher education and scientific research values, rules and regulations promoted under what is called the "Bologna process".

     From University's Charter (2016,  PDF):

Art. 2.  (1) The mission of the Agora University is based on initial vision of the founders, who not randomly chose as a name, an ancient symbol of public democracy. The democratic spirit of "Agora" was and always will be the straight line of its development and will also bring for the university an innovative value, dynamism and harmonious growth. The founders understood that the encouragement of thinking and expressing freely of the Agora’s students, academic and research staff, the opening mind, in order to have as managers and leaders professionals and important cultural and scientific personalities from outside, able to obtain and even to exceed in a short period of time the performances of some important academic institutions with tradition in this area.         

(2) Being a young university, centered on education in the field of social sciences, the Agora University assumes the mission to transmit to its students the spirit of "Agora", based on the values of democracy and trans-disciplinary humanism, this spirit being forwarded to the society by the students. Starting with the present goods and internal potential, with the opening towards external collaborations, the Agora University wants for the near future to add new values for the human knowledge, promoting and encouraging  the research, tending towards a mission of education and research, so as to be well recognized in the Romanian and European academic areas as an efficient model for the access to success in a dynamic society.     

(3) The Agora University aims to become a cultural and civic center, designed to contribute to forming and transmitting the national and universal values, promoting the pluralism of options for the civic and political  development and, through its own graduates and scientific researches, to contribute to the improvement of the performances obtained by the economical companies in the Western part of Romania.  


Objectives = f (Mission): 2016-2020

Art. 3. In order to fulfill its mission, the Agora University established the following objectives:

(1) Being a student education centered university, Agora aims:

a) engaging teaching methods  and modern learning, based on the implementation of the e-learning technology in teaching,  to all university programs and, also, post graduate programs, of professional continuous formation, and development and to all its forms of education;

b) the exact identification of the objectives of the university programs and post graduate programs, as well as the correct evaluation of costs and benefits;

c) the creation of an "Agora" academic culture, based on democracy, interdisciplinary, opening for new and for exterior, that should contribute to the community efforts to high up the level of culture and civilization of Romanian people;

d) providing the community  specialists with highly professional,  moral and civic background, locally and regionally recognition of educational services that are offered.  

(2) the optimization of activity for research-development-innovation through:

a)  the establishment of  a strategy for basic and applied scientific research in the economic, juridical and social carried out in collaboration with other Romanian and foreign  universities and research institutes, aimed for supporting economic, social and cultural development.

b) the dissemination of research results through publications, exploratory workshops, conferences and research networks with internal and external participants;

(3) Strengthening and expanding relations with the external environment, scientific, economic and social one:

a)  consolidation and development of a  responsible institutional and managerial culture in order to value the strengths,  to exploit opportunities and to always ensure the effective management of risks;

b) creating a culture of quality with trend towards excellence in education and R & D efficiency, evaluation and computerized monitoring the quality and the timely measures that can lead to its optimization.


UAO's International Brands:

1. International Journal of Computers Communications & Control (IJCCC)

IJCCC  was founded in 2006 to UAO (founding editors: I. Dzitac, F.G. Philip M. J. Manolescu).

In 2008, Thomson ISI select IJCCC for listing in SCI Expanded, and then were indexed articles from the latest issue of 2006:

IJCCC was considered in 2015 by Elsevier as No.1 in Romania in the field of Computer Science, Information Systems and was nominated for Scopus Awars 2015.

Elsevier: How do you feel about being nominated for Scopus Awards 2015?: Interview Elsevier-Editor in Chief


2. International Conference on Computers Communications and Control (ICCCC)

Co- Sponsored by

IEEE Region 08 -Europe, Middle East, Africa

Previous edition: ICCCC 2016:

The Proceedings of  ICCCC2016 has been published by IEEE and indexed in

IEEE Xplore and in ISI Web of Science.


International Relations (a selection)


Southeastern University of Florida, USA


Beijing Jiatong University, China


Hoseo University, Asan, South Korea


University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China


Kalasalingam University, India


Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China



Video presentation of Agora University

Interviews odf rector at Digi24 TV

Doctor Honoris Causa for acad. Solomon Marcus -2015

National Symposiun ”Brainstorming în Agora Cercurilor Studențești (BACStud2015)

assoc. Prof. A.A. Manolescu, Prof. I. Dzitac, Acad. S. Marcus, Prof. I. Moisil


Agora's Students at Summer School  ”Discover SWUFE”, China

From 2014, every two UAO students participating in the Summer School "Discover SWUFE" Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), Chengdu, China.


UAO in Mass Media

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