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Agora Students Association (ASA)

 Agora University of Oradea (UAO)





President: Duma Răzvan – Local Police, IIIrd year

Vicepresident: Stănescu Ioana – Law, IIIrd year

Secretary: Floruța Cristian – Management, IInd year


Indrieș Claudiu - Management, Ist year

Ghitea Florina Law, IIIrd year

Avram Teodora – Master MRU, Ist year

Pașcalău Alexandra - Master MRU, Ist year

Berce Roxana – CIG, IIIrd year

Derecichei Laurențiu – CIG, IIIrd year

Students' representation into the Agora University Senate (>25%):

1. Prof. univ. dr. Adriana MANOLESCU

2. Prof univ. dr. Elena - Ana IANCU

3. Conf.univ.dr. Ioan STAN

4.  Conf.univ. dr. Casian-Valentin BUTACI

5. Lect.univ.dr. Radu Gheorghe FLORIAN

6. Patricia Carmen POLEAC  - student FSJA

7. Loredana Gabriela MOCANU - student FSE

Students' representation into the Council of the Faculty of Economic Sciences (> 25%):

1. Conf.univ.dr. Casian BUTACI  - President

2. Conf.univ.dr. Viorina JUDEU - Member

3. Conf.univ.dr. Ramona  URZICEANU - Member

4. Conf.univ.dr. Alina-Angela MANOLESCU - Member

5. Lect.univ.dr. Liviu IANCU - Member

6. Student Laurenţiu DERECICHEI - Member

7. Student Daniela-Maria  MATIUȚA- Member

Students' representation into the Council of the Faculty of Juridical and Administrative Sciences (> 25%):

1. Prof.univ.dr. Elena-Ana IANCU - President

2. Conf.univ.dr. Alina-Angela MANOLESCU - Member

3. Lect.univ.dr. Liviu LASCU - Member

4. Lect.univ.dr. Elena SFERLEA - Member

5. Lect.univ.dr. Craciun LEUCEA - Member

6. Student Ioana STĂNESCU - Member

7. Student Bianca POLEAC  - Member

Commission of Ethics (50%)

1. Lect.univ.dr. Radu Gheorghe Florian

2. Lect.univ.dr. Oana Mateuț-Petrișor

3. Jr. Roxana Vidican

4. Stud. Patricia Poleac

5. Stud. Ioana Stănescu

6. Stud. Loredana Marcu




Simpozionul Internaţional ”Brainstorming în Agora Cercurilor Studențești”, BACStud2017, Ediția a III-a

The 3rd edition of International Symposium  “Brainstorming in Agora Students’ Scientific Circles“ BACStud 2017

Free railway transportation for UAO' students

The railway transportation in Romania is free of charge for the students enrolled in accredited private universities. The travel' IDs can be taken from the University secretariat.

One must have the student' ID valid for the 2017-2018 academic year!

  • H.G. no. 42/2017 :  PDF





  • Web Page:
  • President: Adrian Socaciu, 0755124440,
  • Invitation from ASS for the rector:


Sport Club: Universitatea Agora Sport Club




Agora Artistic Group

In 2002 Agora University founded "Agora Artistic Group”,  a band of artists made of UAO' students that work under the guidance of a director from the State Theater of Oradea and of a canto teacher from the Art Popular School of Oradea. This studentsț band is present at all events that take place in Agora.


  • Claudia Andrada Breb
  • Alexandra Broinaş
  • Dorina Popoviciu
  • Cristina Romocea-Cociuba
  • Natalia Selegean
  • Carmen Țăran Stoica


Extracts from the UAO Charter 2016

Art. 92. (1)  The students are represented in all managerial structures of the University.

(2) The way of their election is stipulated in the Student Status of Agora University.

  • Student Status in UAO (Regulation regarding the students' professional activity in UAO, 2016):  PDF .
  • Regulation regarding the election of the students' representatives in the managerial structures of UAO:  PDF ;

Art. 93. Agora University support the students' performance and research.

  • Organization and Operation Regulation - Students' Scientific Cercles:  PDF

Art. 94. Agora University supports and encourages volunteer, educational, scientific, artistic and sports activities of its students.

Art. 95. Student scholarships are awarded in accordance with the Scholarship Regulation.

  • Scholarship Regulation for the UAO students (2016):  PDF;

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