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Agora University of Oradea (UAO)

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Extracts from the UAO Charter

Art. 87. (1) Scientific research is a a major component of the teaching staff's obligations in the university. It has as a fundamental objective the development of the science and the professional capacity of the teaching staff, representing one of the necessary conditions for filling the teaching positions.

(2) Scientific research is organized at department / research center level, with the approval of the Senate. Research teams are made up of teaching staff, researchers, students and, in some cases, research assistants.

(3) Departments, faculties or universities, as appropriate, may organize research centers, with the approval of the Senate and the opinion of CA-UAO.

(3) The scientific research is carried out in studies, consultancy, contract based expertise, doctoral specialization, as well as communications at scientific events, publications, editing of university courses and other teaching materials necessary for the organization and development of the educational process.

(4) When assessing the scientific research activity, it is taken into account only the work carried out in the Agora University structures or in the collaborations established by it, regardless of the basic work place of the teaching staff.

(5) The staff involved in research activities have autonomy and personal responsibility, delegated by the authorizing officer, in carrying out public procurement and managing the necessary human resources. These activities are subject to internal financial control.

(6) At the end of each calendar year, the Senate Special Committee presents a report on the results of the research.

Art. 88. The evaluation of the scientific performance of the teaching staff is based on evaluation sheets established at the department level, endorsed by the faculty councils and approved by the Senate. These cards will take into account the quality paradigms set by the CNATDCU's specialized panels.

IJCCC  No. 4.2017:  RAR (33.5 MB)

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