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Professor Elena-Ana Iancu, PhD

Dean - Faculty of Juridical and Administration Sciences

Piaţa Tineretului, no. 8
410526 Oradea, Bihor County
Tel: +40 259 427 398,
+40 259 472 513
Fax:+40 259 434 925

Elena-Ana IANCU obtained a bachelor’s degree in legal sciences, specialization LAW (1998), at the University of Oradea; the title of PhD in LAW, with CUM LAUDE honours (2004) at “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca; the habilitation certificate and the capacity of PhD Supervisor in the field of LAW (2014). Currently: PhD Supervisor Professor at the Doctoral School of Law, within “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy, Bucharest (2014); professor at Agora University of Oradea municipality (UAO-2006, with a seniority of 20 years in higher education; 1996-2006 teaching staff at the University of Oradea) and professor at the Western University of Timisoara (UVT, as of 2014); Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Administrative Sciences (FSJA, within UAO; was head of the Department of Social Sciences of the UAO during the periods 2008-2012, 2012-2016); Jean Monnet professor (module holder as of year 2008); founder (2008) and director of the Euroregional Centre for the Prevention and Fight against Cross-Border Criminality, Oradea (2008); member of 6 professional associations/research centres; evaluator within the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS/RAQAHE) in the field of LAW (2013); trainer (2010); founder of 3 journals (chief editor of AIJJS-2007 IDB-indexed, AIJAS-2013, AIJMS-2014); founder of 2 conferences (Conference Chair, AILC-2007, AIAC-2010); holder of 1 research in the fundamental programme of the Romanian Academy (2008-2009); GL coordinator – 1 strategic project of the Romanian Academy (2015, 2016); director or member of 18 grants/national or international projects; 3 international research teams (Romania, France, Hungary); documentation visits to the USA (2015, Keego Harbor Police, Michigan; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Central Michigan University). She is also author/co-author of 9 specialized books, coordinator of 3 books, 1 ISI article, 2 ISI Proceedings, 42 articles IDB, 51 articles presented/published in national or international conferences, 3 research reports in the strategic interdisciplinary programme of the Romanian Academy. The main directions of interest and in-depth research are Forensic Science and Criminal Law. The Special Part, and the interdisciplinary research directions are Forensic Science - International Migration.

Professional Activity

I. Current position at Agora University

  • Full Professor and Dean at the Faculty of Juridical and Administration Sciences

II. Adjunct Professor:

  • 2014 - Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy, I.O.S.U.D., Doctoral School of Law
  • 2014 - West University of Timisoara

III. Publication

Author/coauthor of 9 specialized books, of which 2 published abroad

 Scientific coordinator of 3 books

 Articles in ISI: 1
  ISI Proceedings: 2

 Articles in internationally-circulated journals, indexed in international data bases recognized in the field of legal sciences: 39

 Publications in conference volumes: 50                                                                                                        

 Author - 1 research within the fundamental programme of the Romanian Academy

Two research reports in strategic program of the Romanian Academy

 Author - 1 book of poetry

IV. Member in professional associations

1.   Membru în Mediterranea International Center for Human Rights Research, MICHR (2017)

2.  Director of The Euroregional Centre for the Prevention and Fight against Cross-Border Criminality, AGORA Foundation (2008),

3. Member of  The Romanian Association of Forensic Experts, association of public utility that has proved its usefulness by     improving the achievement of justice in the effective prevention and fight against criminality, law specialist

4.  Member of The National Association of Technicians, Experts and Researchers of The Public Services of National Interest, law specialist

5.  Member of The Italian-Romanian Research Centre within Agora University

6. Member of The Romanian Lawyers’ Union

V. Editors/ditor-in-chief/member of the scientific committee of international data bases (BDI) indexed specialized journals

1.   Member in Mediterranea International Center for Human Rights Research, Italia (2017)

2.   Member in the Scientific Concil (2016) - Science Journal Border Criminal, Romania

3.   Founder (2013) and member in Editorial team – Agora International Journal of Administration Sciences, Romania

4.    Founder (2007), manager and editor-in-chief – Agora International Journal of Juridical Sciences, Romania

5.      Member in the Editorial team – Journal of Politics and Law, Canada

6.    Member of The Scientific Council (2009) – journal DREPTUL, Romania

7. Member in the Editorial team – Law Review, Romania


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