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Conditions and terms for participation in the International Symposium "Brainstorming in the Agora of Students Circle", BACStud2021

Are you a bachelor's, master's, doctoral student or even a high schooler and you want to present your innovative and / or research achievements to your colleagues?

Nothing easier.

Conditions and terms for participation at BACStud2021 are:

1.     Contact one / two teachers to guide you in carrying out the paper and to guarantee its scientific level;

2.     Write a paper with the following writing instructions:

·       Paper title (Times New Roman, 14, Bold, all caps, centered);

·       Paper authors - maximum 2 (Times New Roman, 12, Bold, all caps, centered);

·       Coordinators of the paper - maximum 2 (Times New Roman, 12, Bold, all caps, centered);

·       Affiliation - (Times New Roman, 12, Bold, all caps, centered);

·       Summary – normal text (Times New Roman, 12);

·       The paper will be written in normal text, with Times New Roman characters, 12, line spacing single, alignment justified, A4 format, with general page margins of 20 mm. The paper can contain a maximum of 8 pages, preferably an even number of pages.

·       The structure of the paper must include: introduction, the current stage of the approached issue, case study, conclusions, bibliography.

3.     Send the paper and participation form( Icon descarcă aici (154.6 KB) ) at the email address until 25 July 2021.

Additional details:

·       The submitted works will be reviewed; any comments will be sent to you in due time;

·       All accepted papers will be published in electronic format on CD with I.S.B.N. 978-973-1807-63-8, which you will receive in the symposium folder, among with other materials;

·       Papers that do not comply with the drafting instructions and deadlines will be excluded;

·       Each papers will be presented on the related section to which it was submitted;

·       Time allocated to the presentation and discussions regarding each paper is 10 minutes, the papers being recommended to be presented publicly in .ppt (.pptx) format.

Symposium calendar:

·       until 25 July 2021 inclusive:Submission of the paper and the participation form ( Icon descarcă aici (154.6 KB) ) at email address

·       between 26 July and 19 September 2021: Review of papers and communication of accepted papers.

·       30 September 2021: Display of the final program in detail.

·       14-16 October 2021: Conducting the symposium.

Note: For each paper presented, a folder will be received containing the program, the CD with the symposium papers, participation diploma, promotional materials, office supplies. There are no participation fees within the accepted papers and available places!

Participants without papers will pay a fee of 100 lei until 30 September 2021 by transfer in the lei account - Association of Scientific Research, Innovation and European Studies in Oradea IBAN RO05RNCB0664161271900001, Swift code BCR RNCBROBU, open at Banca Comercială Română. They will be able to participate in the entire program of BACStud2021, benefiting for the meals and materials of the symposium.

  • Leaflet BACStud2021_EN:  PDF
  • Poster BACStud2021:  PDF

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