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General program

AGORA International Law Conference (AILC), ediţia XI


Oradea, 19-20 Octombrie 2017

Satellite events: Exposition and BACStud2017:

Thursday, October 19

12:00 ÷ 18:00 Reception and accommodation of external participants;

18:30 ÷ 20:00  Practical Applications Section - demonstration, simulations and "Expo_BACStud 2017" (From the program BACStud 2017) Processes simulated, responsible Professor Elena-Ana Iancu
Part I - Process simulated civil case - coordinator judge, lecturer. univ. dr. Doseanu Loredana-Steliana

20:00 ÷ 22:00  Dinner external participants

Friday, October 20

07:30 ÷ 08:30  Breakfast;

09:00 ÷ 09:30  Registration will take place at the institution where the official opening of the conference AILC;

09:30 ÷ 10:30  Official opening AILC

Words of welcome to the representatives of the co-organizer and partner institutions, visiting officials

10:30 ÷ 12:30  Plenary Session

12:40 ÷ 13:50  Lunch

14:00÷15:30 Practical Applications section, demonstration, simulations and "Expo_BACStud 2017"

 Part II Practical applications demonstrative - Coordinator: Professor Elena-Ana Iancu
Police Inspectorate of Bihor County - information stand presentation and practical demonstration activities with the laboratory of forensic technical exposition;

Border Police Territorial Inspectorate Oradea, outreach, stand presentation and practical demonstration activities, technical exposition;

Gendarmes Inspectoratul Bihor County - stand presentation, outreach, promotion duties gendarmerie, practical exercises - modes of action;

Center 54 Communication R.M.N.C - stand presentation, outreach, technical exposition;

 The police Local Oradea - stand presentations, technical exposition;

 Other institutions / organizations in the fields of security, safety and public order.

 15:30 ÷ 17:00 Simulations

·       Simulated criminal trial - coordinator prosecutor lecturer. PhD Liviu Lascu

15:30 - 17:30 Presentation of the work in sections

Session I:  The impact of legislative changes in judicial practice

Session II: The role of interdisciplinarity in legal sciences

Session III: The dynamics of crime in contemporary society

Session IV: Comparative Approaches to International Law

17:30 - 18:00 Conclusions, offering diplomas of participation and launch AILC 2018

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