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 Agora University of Oradea

Faculty of Juridical and Administrative Sciences

Bachelor degree – Local Police

Admission 2021 click here

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  • RNCIS Grid for Local Police (possible occupations, knowledge, skills) PDF
  • Curriculum for 2020-2023  PDF
  • Student Guide Local Police PDF

Bachelor's degree: Administrative sciences

Form of education: full-time education (IF)

Duration of studies: 3 years

ECTS: 180

Bachelor's degree awarded after taking the bachelor's exam: Bachelor's degree in administrative sciences

Curriculum (selected subjects):

Basic knowledge of Local Police;

Administrative Law;

Criminal Law;

Police Investigation

Communication in Public Administration;

Public Management;

Financial and Fiscal Law;

Public Relations;

Road Legislation;

Police Theory and Practice;

Human Resources Management in Public Administration;

Maximum number of places approved for the academic year 2020-2021: 80.

Admission for fee-paying places: Files admission (Baccalaureate average)

Registration fee: 100 lei

Tuition fee: Details aici

Diploma awarded: Bachelor's degree in administrative sciences

Diploma supplement: certificate in Romanian and English in the specialization in Administrative Sciences / Local Police

Completion: Bachelor's exam (oral / written exam + elaboration and presentation of a bachelor's thesis)


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